Chris Holmes

Born in UK, 1959

1987 to 2005, IT Systems Engineer, DEC, Compaq, HP

2005 to Present, Freelance Photographer, primarily shooting Motorsport

I have had a keen interest in photography from a very early age as my father was an Industrial, Architectural and Commercial Photographer and we had a purpose built darkroom extension on our family home. 

From the age of about 8 I have been processing and printing B&W film from 35mm upto 5x4in , shooting on a wide variety of cameras Mamiya Press, RollieFlex, Hasselblad 500c,cm and swc models, Nikon 35mm, MPP 5x4 and many others.

My youngest daughter is following in our footsteps having gained a BA in Photography in 2017 at Plymouth University shooting on both medium format and 5x4.


Having had a career in IT, I returned to photography in 2005 shooting Weddings, Proms , Performimg Arts and other Events unit my primary focus became Motorsport in 2011.

I use a variety of Nikon Digital bodies, D700, D610, D800 and D500 with a selection of Nikon and Sigma lenses.

Since my daughter started her degree my interest in shooting film has been revived and I have gone back to basics by using a 5x4 pinhole and an MPP monorail along with my fathers old Hasselblads. I am looking to expand to 8x10 with an Intrepid Camera built by a Kickstarter Company based in Brighton.

© 2016 Chris Holmes